First Communion Portraits

Spring is here and it’s time for First Communion Portraits. Lauryl has brought each of her three children into the studio for James to photograph this important milestone. A beautiful, classic portrait at a beautiful time in their lives.

Mary Elizabeth



And here are the three of them (Mary Elizabeth and Patrick are a little older now) picking up Christopher’s portrait.

What a pleasure to watch them grow up!


When a portrait becomes priceless

There are places in the world where “manana” is the time to do things.

It has been my pleasure to have photographed hundreds of weddings and portraits. However, only a few  portraits have turned priceless in my tenure. I am sure that time will prove more portraits to be priceless than not.

Often times, what is first viewed as just a picture, a family portrait or “just some wedding photos” are just that. Casual images of people we know, wake up with, take to school, enjoy parties with, celebrate life’s moments. They are images that recall a time past – a time treasured. Like an old song, they bring back memories of time traveled with that person. Most often, it is a loved one whose memory we cherish. That portrait may say “hello” or “goodbye” to us. It may communicate a love lost or solidify the love remembered.

It is through the magic of  what used to be film, chemicals and paper and is now pixels and paper that we relive slices of time with each viewing of these priceless portraits. These are the images captured by friends and professionals of those who have passed away.

A groom’s father, forty days after his son’s wedding. A young wife’s husband, four years and three children later. A fiance recovering from brain cancer, just prior to his wedding. Personal experiences through portraits with each of these described scenarios. All are remembered through their own priceless portrait. Time spent traveling, planning, growing up, learning, laughing. These are the memories conjured up by these priceless images. Portraits captured – forever treasured.

Just like the portrait I composed of my mother, some years before her passing. Then, just another portrait of a loved one I knew I would see the next day, and the day after that. Now, a priceless image to recall a gracious woman I am proud to call Mom. I am truly grateful for my profession.

Now is the time to preserve a priceless portrait. How priceless?

Ask any fireman what people grab first from their burning house.

Don’t let “manana” get in the way.

With gratitude and a gift from the heart, James.

“Monet” Painted Portraits

Have you ever wanted a beautiful painting made from a portrait? We are very proud to start offering our “Monet” style portraiture. Our artist creates a beautiful painting from the image that we compose. In this case, a client of ours had his daughter’s portraits taken in our studio a few years ago. He wanted an extra special gift for his wife’s birthday this year. Here is the result: sweet Katelyn at 1 year old. Happy Birthday, Kim . . . . we hope you are as delighted with your gift as we are!

Custom Painted “Monet” Style Portraits … start at $900.

Hello world!

YES. . . . . . we finally have a blog! It’s been a long time coming, but we are now up and running and looking forward to sharing all kinds of gems of information with you. It’s all about photography, from photo tips, favorite photo apps, equipment we like, JHP (James Hickey Photography) updates, and, of course, some beautiful images. So grab your favorite cuppa and enjoy!

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