Golden October

Now that we have officially entered October, it’s time to get out and photograph our season of fall color!  Fall in California is not like fall on the East Coast, but for those of us who call this beautiful state home, we enjoy it just as much!  We could go on and on about Septembers and Octobers in the Eastern Sierras, which in my opinion, is THE best time to squeeze in  that long weekend. Beautiful light and stunning landscapes…you can’t lose! So, before you go out and photograph the beautiful subject above, read on for some interesting tidbits about the beauty of the quaking aspens that you will see all over the slopes of our beautiful mountains.

Courtesy of an article in October’s Sunset magazine, the quaking aspen, Populus tremuoides, is the most widely distributed tree in North America. Our western mountain ranges are blanketed with them because they prefer rugged, often arid and high elevations. They are most prolific between 5,000 and 12,000 feet.

An interesting fact you may not know: aspens are clones and share a single root system! They regenerate from a common root system which is a real asset in harsh environments. A clone of aspens is considered a single organism. The largest clone, Pando, in central Utah, is at 105 acres! And estimated to be up to 100,000 years old!

The best time to see these amazing quaking aspens in in the fall when they show their full glory…from bright yellow to gold and even orange. Trees in a single clone will be an identical shade; the next clone will be it’s own identical shade. So, if you make it to the mountains this month, look closely and see if you can notice when one clone starts and the other one ends. Nature is so amazing!


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