Honor Your Heritage

Heritage refers to something inherited from your ancestors. It usually refers to intangible things, such as traditions, history, stories and traits, rather than a physical inheritance.

Roxanne & Eduardo wanted their children photographed in traditional Mexican costumes honoring their heritage.  Most recently, James photographed their daughter, Devina,  in two beautiful costumes: an elegant Veracruz dancing dress and a silver-studded Mariachi outfit. What a darling, beautiful little girl…needless to say a patient little girl…during a couple of hours of photography.  Devina really embraced her inner dancer and mariachi player… and earned her ice cream at the end of the session!


This was part of a tradition already in place for a few years. Their sons, Kyle and Eduardo, also had their portraits taken in the silver-studded outfit of the Mariachi a few years ago with James.

What a unique way to honor your culture and traditions.


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  1. Beautiful! I’m all about keeping family traditions alive. Of course, I do it with food (since we have no traditional costumes). It’s wonderful that these parents thought to do this! I hope the children will carry on the tradition with their children someday.

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