We’ll be heading up to our favorite place in the Eastern Sierras in July. A small cabin on the lake, and most importantly, a comfortable bed to sleep in at night. We’ll be spent after hiking the trails into the forest filled canyons and rocky mountain passes. But it is a “good” spent. We will gaze with awe at these massive rocks and rushing rivers.  We will be renewed and grateful that we can experience another day in this beautiful work of nature.
All our senses will be touched…the fragrance of pine trees on a summer day, the roar of rushing rivers and the gentle babbling of brooks, the visions of endless panoramas that go on and on, the soothing of sore muscles soaking in hot springs. And, if we’re lucky, for one of our dinners we’ll have fresh-caught trout hot off the grill.

This time we are taking a beautiful wood strip canoe built entirely by hand by my DD to launch into the lake. It means more than you will ever know to bring this along on our trip. You see, this canoe was built by David in the memory of his son, Scott. And every canoe must have a name. This is the Scotty Prospector.

Here’s the man with his work of art.

Scotty, you’ll be with us every stroke of the paddle.

Now go out and make your summer memories.


3 Responses to Aaaah…summer

  1. Judy says:

    Beautiful, Jim. What a wonderful hiatus with one of the best poetic photographers! I know Scotty will be watching out for you and Monika. Have a wonderful trip.

  2. John and Sue Stratton says:

    This is a beautiful memory of Scotty and the love that David put
    into this makes it even more – Sail away Scotty and enjoy nature
    and the freedom.

  3. Genie says:

    wonderful photo!!

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